Cancelled Orders Marked as "Unfulfilled"

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I came here to see how I can fix this issue because it is incredibly confusing to have an unfulfilled order sitting in my notifications.  An unfulfilled order that I canceled and have no intention or means of ever fulfilling.


What do I find?  People have been asking for a resolution to this issue for OVER THREE YEARS, and Shopify has no solutions.  A thread of 72 merchants asking for a resolution?  Nothing.  Questions about this specific issue littered all over the discussion boards?  No solution.


Please resolve this Shopify, it's ridiculous, and frankly insulting, that you haven't already.

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I agree its so messy and frankly annoying.   Just adds to another reason for moving across to Magento.

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I think I found a workaround. I had an order that was refunded and was showing up unfulfilled. The only way I was able to mark the order fulfilled is as follows:

  • Make sure your order is not archived and then choose edit.
  • Next, add a new item (I called mine Fulfillment and used $0.00 as the price).
  • After adding the item, mark the order fulfilled (be sure to uncheck notify customer so your customer doesn't receive an email).

After completing the above 3 steps my order changed from Unfulfilled to Fulfilled. Hope that helps!