Cannot Connect Store To Netregistry Domain

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Hi guys,

First. I have to say thank you for such an amazing product!.


I need some help though connecting a custom domain from Netregistry to my shopify store as I feel I must be missing something.


Following a combination of these documents:


I have configured the A record and CNAME to what I believed to be the correct values(see screen shot below):




However, regardless of how long I wait, the verify connection from shopify does not seem to pick up the new values(see screen shot below):







  • For the CNAME I have tried both `` and ``
  • I have waited at least 48 hours


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? Also, could someone help me understand the difference with the CNAME reference and why some guides suggest `shops.xxxx` and others suggest `myshopname.xxxx`?



Thank you so much in advance for any help


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This is an accepted solution.



And of course, only after I post asking for help do i discover the issue.


For anyone else suffering with the same issue, ill post the solution here:


  1. CNAME -> ``, not your custom store name
  2. Using a *Parked Domain* with Netregistry, you need make sure your named servers are delegated to your cPanel hosting(
    1. Inside cPanel tab -> Grab the namesever 1 && 2, itll be something like ``
    2. Head to Domain Deligation Tab and update the name server entries to use these values from name server 1 && 2
  3. ???????
  4. Profit


This seems to have been the missing link for me, nothing on shopifies end.



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Hey, thanks for the post, been looking everywhere, may I just ask where  I can find the cPanel nameservers because I am struggling to find them. Thanks