Cannot associate my pixel to the Facebook catalog managed by Shopify

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I found 2 solutions to this problem i hope this can help you or anyone to
save a lot of frustrating hours.

1 : Use the app call Flexify. Perfect if you have a small inventory. Less
than 1000 is free to use.
2 : Use the fb marketing app. It will let you connect your store and be the
"owner" and not shopify.

i was able to do dynamic ads with both ways.
1 run two different store. 1 with each method
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Thank you for the advice Bobbyone.

I used method 2) and now I have two different catalogues in Facebook. One created by the Shopify Facebook Shop Channel and one by the marketing App. Is this ok or how do you handle with it? Just keep the shop synced with Shopify Facebook Shop Channel and for advertising you use the other catalogue?


In the catalogue created by the Marketing App I get some feed errors like missing "google_product_category". Is there a possibibility to change the feed in a way this is possible with the "Shopify Facebook Shop Channel setting". I did not found anything.


Thank you

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I struggled for hours. Solution:

Just create an automatic ad using that catalog. At some point, FB will ask you if you want to connect the Pixel with the catalog!

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>>>>>>> SOLUTION <<<<<<<<


As @Andy_Luong suggested, just create a test campaign, at campaign level select catalog sales as an objective and create the campaign. Once the setup window is open, Facebook will prompt you to select a pixel to associate with the catalog and from there you can select your pixel. Weird but works. You just associated your own pixel with a catalog owned by Shopify however the F that is possible.

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Romchy from feed product support for shopify, I will help you and other shopify owners who have such problems.
I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a pixel Facebook account in a business manager, how to connect it, how and where to get a product from your store and how to connect it to effective channels: Facebook Shopping, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, Yottos AdLoad, Pinterest.



- Insert pixel ID from the beginning:


1. Log in to your shopify account.
2. Enter the store
3. Insert the pixel id:
     a) go to sales channels,
     b) go to the online store,
     c) go to preferences
     d) we find the facebook (Instagram) pixel ID field, and insert the ID of our pixel into it.
4. Save below.



- Now upload the goods from shopify to facebook (Instagram):


1. Install the feed product application here
2. Activate the free version
3. Take the link to your feed in the facebook Instagram tab. More detailed instruction

4. Follow the link to connect catalog
5. Click on create directory and connect the link taken from Feed product. Here is a detailed step-by-step instruction:


I gave the above example of how to work with Facebook and Instagram. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to synchronize with other effective channels:



There is one more option.

If you have already created a catalog in the Facebook store and manually added products to it.

So you should display in the business manager:
Products for and further the name of your Facebook page. If there are no manually added products, then I’m not sure that this catalog will be.


And then in this directory according to the instructions of this adding products from the Product feed to Facebook can be done from the 8th step.

And then the goods will have to be displayed in the store, because you can completely manage the goods in the store through the catalog. For example, if you turn off a product in the catalog, then in the store it is not displayed to users.


Here is a screen where to click in this directory:shopify feed product.png


You are now ready to run dynamic ads in Instagram and facebook. Because Feed product will always keep the catalog up-to-date so that the most popular products are displayed on facebook and Instagram).

Also, during the course of the advertising campaign, be guided by the ROAS indicator, it will help you understand if your advertising costs increase your actual sales.


Good luck with your advertising campaigns)!


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romchy | Application consultant
Feed Product

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JUST WANT TO SECOND THIS: and say thank you for the help!  The test campaign is the fix.