Cannot connect Business Manager

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Well, a little embarrassing, but I had the wrong Ad Account connected to Shopify. Once I disconnected it and connected the correct Ad  Account, I was able to connect the Business Manager. Thanks again for your help.

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This is an accepted solution.

It happens. Glad it worked out for you. Good luck with your FB ad campaign. One thing you might want to experiment with is running ads through FB ads manager as well. You have a little more control over audience targeting. 

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I am having the same issue. I spoke to Shopify via live chat. They told me that it is out of there hands because I have a red flag up on my business manager account because I changed my business name and wanted to change it with my business manager as well. Now I cannot create or add a new ad account. The person at Shopify told me to get a hold of facebook, that they have some live chat support or something. The don't. i can't get a hold of them. I made my first sell the other day, but now I'm losing people views and sessions through my store because I can't create campaigns with my facebook ads account via Shopify store. What a barrier.