Cannot open 'Pages', 'Themes', or even get 'Support' to work

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I have tried getting hold 'Support' but the page will not load.


My problem is that this morning I tried to work on my new website and when I tried loading 'Pages' it would not load.  I then tried the other sections and noticed that the same applied to 'Themes' as well.


The message I repeatedly get when trying to load my sites 'Pages' is:


"There’s a problem loading this page
There’s a technical problem with Shopify that has prevented this page from loading. Try reloading this page or going to another page in Shopify. If that doesn’t work, visit our status page

for updates and try again later."


This is really disappointing because up until now I was finding Shopify really useful and it seemed to be just what we needed for our website, but not being able to get into 'pages' is a real deal breaker.  This is only magnified by not being able to get hold of Support.

Unless this is sorted today then I will just have to go and learn WP as the only other option.  (Something I do not wish to do by the way.)

Any help much appreciated. 


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Hey there @BRPrinter.  So sounds like this is happening in the editor? 


If so there are a few things that could cause this in my experience including some code that might be breaking in the editor, or some External code causing some issues.


More than happy to take a look for you if you like.  Feel free to shoot me an email.  I dont charge for consultations or quick fixes :)


its 8:54am PST Now, i will be out for about an hour but happy to take a look when I get back.



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Provide your store url !

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It might have been a temporary outage.

When experiencing an error you should always check the status of Shopify at:

There was an outage earlier today that might have been the cause of your problem.

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Thanks to 'Reincarnated' managed to work out the problem and solve it.


It appears a 'Windows update' I had done mucked things up with my browser, Internet Explorer, when I changed to Chrome the situation no longer existed.


A very big 'THANK YOU' to Reincarnated, and indeed the others who offered help and advice.  

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I'm having the same problem.


I've checked the Shopify Status - all fine.

I cannot even load the Shopify Support contact us page - hence my question on here.

My store URL is

Please help as this has continued for almost a week on two separate PCs (different operating systems).  I really need to make edits to my theme.



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@Isha_Body_Jewel Feel free to shoot me an email.  I can go through the same troubleshooting with you as I did with @BRPrinter 


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Just to Confirm.  @Isha_Body_Jewel had the same issue as OP.  Browser broken, by possible Windows Update.  Chrome worked fine.

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SHopify is the worst place to obtain help. I am sure they are in India because the only number I found to get in touch with someone, played ugly music for ever and nobody answered the phone. I searched for chat or email at no avail. This site takes around and around when you need help. Does anyone know of a good company in USA that offers good technical support? I will be making drastic changes and the first one is to get the hell out of shopify.

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Hey, I'm having the same problem with my store. I've tried Chrome but it still doesn't work. Could you take a look at it for me?