Cannot receive any email from Shopify Support

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Hi all,

Usually after we talk with the support team, we will receive an email about the conversation and we can follow up if the ticket is open. In my case, since 2020 June I can never receive any email from the support team. I can still receive the order notifications, promotional email from shopify and also the notification from the shopify community but I can never receive any email from shopify support. I have asked them to CC the email to my personal gmail account and they said they will do it but I still didn't receive any of the emails. In result no one is going to follow the problem of my account and the problem never solve.

Does any having similar problem and any one got any idea what I can do? I am so tired to contact support everyday to tracking the status of my problem and spend time to discuss the problem all over again everyday.

Thanks a million.


Kelvin So - CEO of Levimoon