Cant login on any browser now

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Been having this issue for some time now, but it is nearly impossible to get a hold of support, so I hope to find solution here.


I have many shopify stores. Spending a LOT of money on shopify… Unbelievable...


So this started a few weeks ago. This happens with every shop I have:


I used firefox  All of a sudden I cant login. (yes latest version, yes cleared cache, cookie, yes restarted computer many times).


I get this screen:

shopify screen.JPG

As I cannot get a hold of support, I move on to next browser Chrome.

After a week or so, same thing happening. 

So I moved on to Edge browser.

Now a week or 2 later again, what do you know? Same thing happening again!

So I installed yet another browser Opera, but there the problem is right form the start again!

So no way to log in to my shop form this pc anymore!!!


Same thing happens on pc's of my colleagues. 


Please help!


I repeat:  yes latest version, yes cleared cache, cleared cookies, yes restarted computer, all many times


Looks like my ip or fingerprint is blocked or something.

@Shopify, I pay you a lot of money, so help me!