Carrier Calculated Shipping - Lead Time

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Hi there

Can someone shed any light on the following.

We have 8 locations

We want to show products inventory available in a location with a lead time set per location and that lead time must over ride the lead time set by carrier calculated shipping

It seems to me that the inventory and shipping capabilities only cater for inventory in stock at a location and sets delivery based on the carrier integration chosen .

In essence we want to calculate a forward delivery date of lead time + calculated delivery time by carrier = delivery date

Any suggestions?

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It is really hard to calculate delivery lead time as you cannot control how soon the supplier will sent out the goods and there are also a lot other unknown factors. 


I will suggest you work with the supplier and check what will be the fastest delivery method and estimate lead time to the region. After you have such information you can include in your product description. And also always goes with the delivery method with tracking ID. that way you do not have to always inform your customer. 


They can check their Item via tracking website such as