Categories and sub-categories

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Did you guys find out about this issue? I really need to solve these issues as well. Customers cant see anything when they click the main categories on the home page and then they end up thinking there is no product under that category. Sub Categories need to show up as well.

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The only thing I have found that works is an app called "Categories Uncomplicated" which allows you to have actual thumbnail sub-categories. (I have no affiliation with them, just helping people out).

You would think something so basic of a sub-category would be a standard feature....

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Thank you very much.i will check that out.Thats actually a very serious problem because people click upper categories and they end up seeing nothing and thinking that there is no products at all.Someone from shopify really should have think about that.thanks again
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Has anyone ever received a clear and technically correct answer from Shopify? I need the same for my store and am shocked that Shopify does nto answer such a simple request.

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Yes, the app makes it easy

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Hello Maggie

If we are to create categories as collections and all the collections are on same level, when it comes to developing a private custom mobile app, how do you think we can manage categories and sub-categories if there are no levels on categories aka collections. 

In mobile app it won't be easy manually have collections arranged as it would probably be using Shopify API's. 

I hope you understand what I am trying to explain.

Kind Regards,


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I'm trying to setup subcategories and found this thread.


My question is this...


Are there themes that handle subcategories better?  Or that make them 'easier' to implement?


Thank you



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When i have the collections on my homepage, i want my shoppers to be navigated to that collections page when clicking on the image. 
However, when i click on the image, nothing happens, can you help me here? 

Thank you


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goal: for your webshop getting menu categories like men clothing women clothign and subcategories men pants men jeans men coats

whereyou can list those products under


If you want a backup of your shopify webshop for if something goes wrong

go to online store -> themes -> select the above theme "actions" -> duplicate

and beneath you get a "copy of *current webshop/theme*" that you can "publish" being a backup of your webshop


for my shopify webshop I used theme "venture"

if you want that theme go to "online store" -> themes -> explore free themes -> venture -> add to theme library

go to venture -> actions -> publish

you can always switch back to former theme



STEP 1: First you have to create the collections of the categories/subcategories you want

For this tutorial I choose the categories 1 men clothing 1.1 men pants and 2 women clothing

so those collections I create


go to "products" -> collections -> create collection

for title fill in the name of category you want like "collection men clothing" -> manual -> save

again -> create collection "collection men pants" -> manual -> save

again -> create collection "collection women clothing" -> manual -> save



now you have to create the visible menu's of the categories you want

that appear on your webshop, and link them to the collections youve created in step 1:

I choose category menu's:


men clothing

men pants

women clothing


Go to online store -> navigation -> main menu -> add menu item "name: men clothing" "link: men clothing -> collections -> collection men clothing "

again add menu item "name: men pants" "link: men clothing -> collections -> collection men pants"

again add menu item "name: women clothing" "link: men clothing -> collections -> collectio women clothing"


or whatever the name is of the category you want and collection youve created


because "men pants" is a subcategory of category "men clothing"

I drag the "men pants" to the right and then beneath the "men clothing" so it becomes its subcategory

then click save


STEP 3: Now go to your

and you can see the menu's you have created

for me "men clothing" "men pants"

and "women clothing"


(NOTE: if you dont like how its structured you can change the theme in online store -> themes

changing the layout of the site

(ive chosen the "venture theme")



STEP 4: but you notice when clicking on the menu's on your webshop that nothing appears,

thats why the next step is to add products to the collections categories,


Go to -> apps -> visit the shopify app store -> search 'oberlo" click on oberlo -> add app

in oberlo go to -> find products -> *search product name of product category you want like "men pants"

-> hover over the products you want -> click add to import list

when you have the products you want go to "import list"

here you cna change the name of the products, I have selected men pants so I make sure each title contains "men pants"

-> then checkmark all and select "import all to store"


then go to shopify -> products -> search the product name like for me "pants"

checkmark all -> more actions -> add to collection -> adding it to collection "collection men pants" -> save


now the men pants you imported from oberlo,

you have added to the collection "collection men pants"

and because in step 2 you have added the collection "collection men pants"

to the menu "men pants"

now go to your

select the menu "men pants"

and now it shows up the products youve just imported in step 4




now basically decide for yourself what categories and subcategories you want

and what products

and follow these steps again

to create your webshop with categories subcategories and there products



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OK, I'm BEYOND confused....  What is 'oberlo' and why do I need an app to add products to my collection?