Change of shipping cost or price after customer placed order

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Hey there,

how can I adjust shipping costs or product price after a customer placed his order. For example when I want to offer free shipping or a discount because production took too long or as a gesture of goodwill. 



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Hey Marina :) Thanks for posting :)

Its not possible to edit the order once completed. It is also not possible to adjust shipping costs or product price after a customer has placed an order.

You can partially refund the order and refund the shipping cost or a % of the total order cost as a goodwill gesture.

Another option would be to refund and cancel the order completely and then create a new order. There you can add custom products and set any discounts or shipping costs to the manual order creation. You can manually re-create mistaken orders from any of your active sales channels to sell products at discount or wholesale rates if required.

If any other questions arise, please feel free to contact us at any time, I hope you have a successful and profitable day :)

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I hope there is the function that the sellers can edit the price after the customer placed an order before they pay. There are always special situations that sellers need to adjust the prices.  The quantity can be adjusted and other item can be added, which all change the price, so I think it's reasonable to make adjustment of the price available before buyers pay the order too, especially the deduction of the price. Deduction of the price is what many sellers need but not included in current features. 

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I second this. I think there are a million special cases that would ask for a manual adjustment of price what whatever reason, that cannot all be handled by the  software. It would be great to allow for an override on the price, and also perhaps add a text field for a "memo" explaining why it was adjusted. 





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Most credit card processing services allow upward adjustments of authorised transactions by up to 15% of the amount. It is really, really useful to be able to make minor changes such as when a customer orders then emails a change request that adds to the order (happens all the time, things like gift wrap or engraving). The same rationale that made Shopify include the option of manually reducing the payment amount by a percentage applies to being able to increase it.

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I would really like to be kept up to date about any changes that happen regarding this. I find it extremely frustrating how limited our options to change orders once they've been made is. Running an e-commerce business through shopify would be much easier if it was possible to change shipping costs after an order was placed. We often make internal orders before we are 100% certain what the shipping cost will be, so needing to cancel and re-create the order whenever a discrepancy happens is really not ideal! 

Please add me to any updates regarding this issue.