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I have an aesthetic problem with my shop that uses the debut theme. Due to customizations that have been done, i don't want to change the theme (and start over with those customizations). 

All my images are square. But the product picture space takes more than my pictures leaving a white space before showing the other pictures. This is not handy on desktop and on mobile it is worse as you have to scroll down to change the picture and then go back up almost to see the picture. 


Underneath the picture on how it displays on desktop. You can see the photo's size in the first picture and in the second picture you can see that all the white space in between is also space reserved for the picture. How can i change the image space to be the same as the first picture, without all the white space between the bigger picture and the smaller ones?


picture 1.PNGpicture 2.PNG

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Hi @BT_Projects_nv ,

Could you please mention the store URL so I could investigate this.