Change the "Opening Soon" that comes up on google for your password page to your own slogan

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Hello! When I search on google my site "pizzauni", my shopify site is the first to come up, the problem being is I do not want it to say "opening soon", as in fact we are open, just sold out.  We launch a pizza bundle once a month, once we sell out we go back to password page.


Therefore I am trying to find out how to change this opening soon to our slogan, so people can easily see what we do and do not think we are not open yet.


There is no way to do this besides going into the code it seems, and I found one place with a <title> tag that I thought might be it but it didn't update on google.  Do I have to wait a period of time for google to crawl and update? The shopify team told me I had to pay a  bunch of money to hire an expert to fix this problem which I thought was ridiculous for one line of code.  They also said that Google can not crawl my password page? I do not think that is accurate either.