Changing A Customer's Order?

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Please add this crucial feature. This should be a base feature for a cart of this caliber.

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Incredible almost 4 years later (this post started in 2009) and we still cannot edit orders. That is a shame !!! Instead sliding down slides at the work place and having meals catered they need to fix these annoying little issues. 

Add this to my top 5 shopify complaints

I've said it a million times, the people that build Shopify have never ran an online store. I've stayed on the last few months waiting for some of things to be corrected, all I get it's on our list, but we cannot tell you any timeline. We get POS bs, but none of the day to day simple fixes we need to run our shops.


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We have a big catalog, and while we try hard our inventory is not perfect. We are going to have cases of orders with items out of stock that won't be served ever. What to do? Asking the client to cancel and reorder is out of question. Leaving opened orders partially fulfiled? Sending the customer incorrect data over the transactional mails? Attach notes to orders? (for real, i can't believe this was even suggested).

A procedure we would like, 

-Contact customer and inform about the changes

-If he agrees the changes we modify the order, capture the new amount and everything goes off as normal. 

Other option: 

-We craft a new order with the changes.

-Send the customer an email asking them to confirm the new order in one click. Old bad order can get cancelled now.

This is another instance of "basic feature we should have and was requested years ago". At least this post is not outdated and closed.

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Sorry for the necro, but for real there should be at least some level of order editing. We don't have very many mistakes, but when they happen they're usually, "Sorry put the wrong billing address" and even more rarely that's the last of that product's inventory. At this point when this happens we have to contact the customer then make an out of stock item visible on the store for a couple of minutes just to sell one to ourselves using the customer's updated information. Seems like it could be easier than that is all I'm saying.

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The most ridiculous part is that there is not response from the Shopify team? R we all people not important to shopify.

At least a single reply would be helpful.

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This is killing me as a doing partial drop shipping as the drop shippers don't always have their lists up to date on occasion something is not in stock.  I am now in the process of cancelling a $3100 order that I may not be able to recover (and probably will have to offer significant discounts).

Shopify; please fix this.  

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For some reason, this thread won't be bumped anymore... It's lost deep into the forum and won't be back to first page.

It pissed me off when i spend 10 minutes writting here last month for nothing. I felt ignored again. Submitted a support ticket and got no answer again. I kinda gave up, and will probably check Prestabox for my next store. That's it.

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I am also in need of this kind of service.

We are a wholesaler and we need to be able to add shipping cost after we check the weight and destination. 

Is there any way to add "Shipping cost" after order has been placed?

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We also need this change. It is possible to oversell stock that is no longer available to purchase from the wholesalers. So if a customer buys 2 items of a Product X, and we only have 1 in stock it is imperative that the order can get adjusted so that it does not throw the entire stock/inventory out of sync.