Changing Domain And The Affect on A Custom Theme?

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Can someone here give me some guidance or information on changing your domain?

 I have my store completely customized in a theme I am going to purchase, but want to change the domain before I launch it (I was indecisive). I already have both of my domains in Shopify, approved and connected. I know how to do the transfer, but my question is -- If I were to transfer my store to the new domain, will my custom theme still be there to purchase with all the changes I have made so I can then purchase it and launch it with the new domain?

  I would, very seriously, cry if I transferred to a new domain and lost the entire site I have been customizing and working on to purchase for launch. Does anybody have any knowledge on this topic or know where they can direct me to for an answer?

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Hi @VivelleStudio 

Changing your primary domain will not have an effect on your theme customizations. 

However, if you have been customizing a trial theme, there are some paid themes that will not allow the customizations created on a trial theme to carry over to the final purchased version of the theme. Usually when this is the case, it will say so in the theme documentation.