Changing Email Sender Address on Shopify

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I was wondering if there is a way to change the email address that Shopify sends emails from (cart abandment, account creation, etc.) I want all emails to be sent from my company's customer support email and do not want this email to be sent from a fragmented email account from Shopify. My concern is that customers will reply to these emails with questions regarding their account or order. Any input is much appreciated.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Chelsea,

Colin here from the Shopify Guru team. 

To change the customer-facing email of your account, you'll just click on "Settings" and then "General". You'll see a text box there that says "Customer Email". Whatever email address you enter in here is what appears in the To: field of emails for order confirmations, shipping confirmation, account creation, abandoned carts, etc. 

Hope this helps!

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What about the name? it seems that the name used that will appear in the e-mail from was the e-mail address too. like if we set it to, tester will appear as the sender.. will be happy if we could set it like Tester Mike <tester@testcom>

What do you think?

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Any update since 2016?

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I am trying to fix this as well and see no option to do something like Name ( )

We send customer invoices and they often aren't able to find them because of how they display in their inbox.