Charge Back Customer Claims Fraudulent Order - (But it was shipped to the billing address)

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In 20 years of doing business I have Never Ever had a chageback due to fraudulent use of a credit card and since moving to Shopify I've had 2.  I ONLY ship to the billing address. I email back and forth with the customer with proofs etc  So how does this happen?  I have Fraud prevention turned on so the credit card, cvv and avs must match and that's where I ship.  Customer accepts the package doesn't contact me at all and then 2 months later says his card was used fraudulently?  How is this OK? My products are not expensive so the charge back fee alone leaves the order in the red.   Customers are responsible for keeping their credit card information secure.  If someone in the card holders home uses their card that's friendly fraud and they need to deal with it in their home  not with me.  In that case there should be a police report for mail fraud, identity theft etc.  Did they ever think about that?
I am so angry.   But moreso, I lost a chargeback where the customer said they didn't receive delivery and I have delivery proof from USPS so will I loose this one too?  Where is my protection as a merchant?  This is absurd!


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Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't have Merchant Protection policies in place. All of the chargebacks that we have were ridiculously decided in favor of the buyer. Submitted all evidence to prove that we've dispatched and items were delivered but still got unfavorable decision. Shopify's general response is basically "We've got nothing to do with the decision. Bank's decision is final. Accept it." UNBELIEVABLE! Kudos Shopify! good job!