Charge-back Query

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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to find out if I can get a little bit of advice regarding a charge-back we have received.

We had an extremely large order come through last month which was marked as fraudulent by Shopify. We tried to contact the potential customer, but his phone number didn't exist and he didn't respond, so we didn't ship the goods until they could confirm the order was legitimate.

They have since claimed a charge-back which was more than the total amount of the goods they purchased, although their funds never reached our bank.

Since then we have had a few more orders come though from which payout dates were given for the Jul 28, 2020, I have checked our payments and this is still showing as pending and has been allocated to reserved funds. 

I just wanted to see if someone can shed some light on this, as we have had more orders come though today and I am concerned that the money is being held back due to the charge-back?

Thank you.

Supreme Lawns