Chargeback: Damaged or Defective

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I make custom garments, and just received a chargeback for an item as "damaged or defective".  $450 and it took me three full days to make it.  The customer SAYS the color was different from what we show on the product page when he received it.  That's not the case.  In fact, he had already purchased one a month earlier, received it ,then ordered 6 more the next day.  (He has since initiated a chargeback on that first item, also, but regardless...)  How do we as shop owners "prove" that the item is not "damaged or defective" when the customer receives it?  I mean, I can show the fabric I used to make the items, but we're not in their house to physically see it; we can't  go there and take photos.   Couldn't ANY unscrupulous goof just say that their item was "damaged or defective" and get their money back??  This seems hugely risky for shop owners!  Are we protected in any way from these people?