Chargeback experience help?

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I usually go by the Shopify risk level before a ship an order out and I’ve have 4 chargebacks so far. This chargeback in particular , the person filed because they didn’t recognize the charge. The billing address matches but the shipping address does not. Is this something I should try to fight or leave alone? Should I contact the customer in attempt to get the item back because if it’s true, they technically stole the item from me. How should I contact them? Also, what are some apps or steps I can take to message a customer and verify identity or things I can look out for to reduce chargebacks? Any help is appreciated. Sincerely, small honest business owner.

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Hi @kylebreit96 

Sorry you're going through this uncertainty of whether to fulfill or not.

Mismatching billing to shipping addresses don't always mean fraud. The order could be a gift to a friend or relative with a different last name than their own.

If you want to fulfill and be certain of the customer's identity, you can use Real ID to require the customer to complete ID verification before you fulfill.

The customer has an opportunity to prove their identity and ownership of the credit card & you have the peace of mind knowing they are who they claim they are.

The first 10 checks are on the house, happy to talk more about customer ID verification and answer any questions you might have.

You can try out the app here:


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Hi sorry to hear about this 

i also have faced these things in past then i have used phone verification it will reduced the chargeback to almost 88% i think it will also help you 

Regards: Ahmad