Chargeback related: Items arrived damaged and customer refused the package...

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The customer refused the package at a USPS facility two weeks ago. We have reached out to the customer and tell her that once we receive the package, a refund will be an issue immediately; however, the package seems to be lost in transit. There's no update after the package has been refused. The customer has filed a chargeback regarding this and wouldn't work with us. Does this means that I have to pay the chargeback + fees?

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Hi, @LonganMerch Do you have a tracking number for the package? If the package was refused, then the tracking information should be updated and will be eventually returned back to you. I believe that packages that are returned do take some time to get back to you with USPS.

Unfotuanly, once a chargeback has been opened and when the money is returned to the buyer, you will be eventually charged a chargeback fee. It's always best to quickly refund a customer once the tracking information shows that it was refused by the receiver.

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I had to refuse a package once, and the tracking was never updated as enroute to return nor can you get a receipt for refusing the package. So I can understand why the customer might feel the need to file a chargeback. Sometimes it can a while for a refused package to return to sender since it's not a priority for USPS.