Chargeback- result has gone against me and sided with the customer

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Hey just looking for some advice.


Had a chargeback issue where for the first time in 4 years I had a fraudulent transaction on an order. The order was created and processed and funds collected so was all cleared to go. I packed the order that was $330 value and sent to my international customer. after the long process the charge back has gone in customer favour. 


I submitted the order, receipt, postal tracking (that was delivered) and tried to email and make contact with the customer to resolve issue but still went against me. Is there anything more I can do or is it just as simple as that that I loose all this stock because someone either was fraudlient or customer claiming they didn't purchase? Surely if the customer has had fraud on there credit card they get reimbursed by the bank why Do I have to be out of pocket. Then to add to it Shopify charge me $24 for the pleasure of the issue to begin with. Surely there is something to help small buiness against this?


And I have read all the information regarding chargeback and how to prevent and I am doing all that is advised already.


Thank you