Chargeback - trying to reach a human at Risk Team - customers abusing chargebacks

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I'm looking to get support from someone in Risk Team because the Chat support rep refused to escalate my case even though its so straightforward.

I own a apparel and uniform store on Shopify since 2018 and on September 19th 2020 I received my 1st chargeback from a customer who had placed an order on June 14th 2020 (just over the 3 month mark btw!) claiming it was fraudulent.

The order total was almost $1000.

Customer's delivery address was another address but with the same last name as the person ordered, so looks like it was for a family member.

The order was fulfilled and delivered successfully. I have proof by Canada post.

When I received the chargeback I did not have an option to attach additional information - the standard whatever was in the system (i.e. proof of delivery etc) was submitted automatically.

Today I get a notification that the chargeback was resolved in customer's favor! When they are the ones that seem to have made a fraudulent transaction - getting goods for free.

I requested from the support rep that my case be escalated but the response was that she could not help's all automatic!

This is the WORST, "I'm not taking ownership of your issue" type of response customer service can give!

I know for a fact that there IS a Risk Team, and that IT IS POSSIBLE to reverse a chargeback and dispute what customer's bank is saying. It can be done up to 3 times back and forth. The evidence I have on my side is compelling and very straightforward.  

I need a human intervention please - someone from Shopify's Risk team to step up and take ownership of my issue and attempt to resolve it. I know that it is possible to to go back to the processor (Stripe) and dispute this decision and actually highlight that customer got the goods and had them sent to a family member as per delivery address and proof.

It is not normal that I'm expected to take a $1000 loss because no one in support team or risk team or escalations team is willing to do what they're supposed to do - support sellers who generate revenue for Shopify.


Looking forward to your reply.