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Hi Shopify community.

Great to be here and very new to online retail.

Like. Very, very new. 

I'm Andrew, the founder of a new UK based mental health awarness, education and support charity Ground Up, working specifically to support the small business community, their founders, employees etc. We are a newly registered charity, Ground Up Foundation CIO, and a fundraising coffee shop trading as a CIC, which due to COVI19 is sadly permanently closing. The focus of the CIC will now be an ecommerce store to help exand our reach and support more people, and raise more funds through sale of products/apparel and an awarness campaign.

Our content will be focussed more on story telling to raise awarenss, via a blog with an edorital feel, than products in the shop. 

So the question, is Shopify the best platform for this to combine very active blog with a store? Recomendations of any examples of Shopify sites/shops that do this and have an editorial feel that I can have a look at would be greatly appreciated.

Don't need to be social enterprises. 

Also, some of our income will come as donations, either direct 'cash' transactions and from select camapign related products that will be 'sold' via a minimum recomended donation, which allow us to claim Gift Aid. Does the check out process allow for this to be implemented and managed? 

Big thanks for taking the time to read, think about and respond if you can.