Checkout Multi Currency for countries that do not support Shopify Payment

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Hi Shopify experts,

I'm starting my store in UAE and Shopify Payment is not supported. So I'm using a third party payment gateway. My products are sold in different countries and that's why I need to show different prices in different currencies.

I found apps that can do that but the problem you guys have since over 4 years now and nobody thought about fixing it is that whatever the currencies that show in the website, they change to the default store currency at the checkout page, which no one have control on except shopify.

This is not about payment gateways because gateways accept different currencies. It's a limitation in Shopify that everyone knows and everyone spoke about in different forums and we always get the same reply from Shopify experts but nobody acts. I was shocked to see that someone posted about this issue in 2017 and till now it is not solved.

So my question is do you really want your customers to shift to other platforms or do you have a real solution now ?

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Exact same challenge. Commenting to follow, but also curious if you may have solved already