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So I've had my store for about 4 days and I still have yet to get a sale. Everyone has told me my website and everything else is great but nothing has happened. I just finished the last tweaks today so I'm going to start marketing later and hopefully it was just because I didn't market. However, I still recieved about 500 visitors a day and no one bought. Like i said I didn't market the site, it was just interested people who must've seen my Facebook page or on Google, and even with close to 2k visitors over 4 days I haven't got any sales. I thought it was a problem with the product or the audience that has been viewing my site without the marketing but I still had about a 3% add to cart and checkout rate but no conversions. Just recently someone contacted me and said they could not checkout. I think I may have finally identified what the issue was but I have no idea how to fix it. The payment isn't in test mode or anything and I have all the options set up. If anyone could help I would appreciate it so much!

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In what way is it broken? it appeared to work for me - right up until entering payment details which I didn't do.

Quite a lot of the pages failed to load for me(as in parts of the page), leaving large chunks of whitespace...

Marketing may help, as it's a rather specific product.  With regards to the product, for a 1KW load that's tiny form factor - and should pretty much instantly boil that 100ml.

With regards to your 500 visits/day - to something apparently no-one knows where it is, due to lack of advertising - you sure them is actually people?  And not, say bots looking for easily exploited extensions, plugins, or comments boxes they can spam into?


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