Checkout Problems for Customers

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In the last 24-48 hours I am getting calls from customers, most long time customers, that they cannot complete the checkout process.  Getting errors, etc.  I am getting inconsistent stories from them and some orders are getting through but my volume is noticeably down.  Also getting calls that people are not receiving shipping confirmation emails from the last week or so, again most repeat customers.  I am not able to repeat this or find a common theme.  I was wondering if anybody else is having similar issues?  At first I thought it was a person or two that had user errors but this is getting to be too many to be a coincidence.

Any feedback, thoughts or help appreciated?  Not sure what to do.  Problems started prior to any recent code changes and again I can't duplicate it on my end.  Using recording software on the back-end and I can find a consistent pattern.  Thanks in advance for any help.