Checkout showing "shipping address" for non-physical

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I have 2 products:

  • One is a subscription / physical item
  • The other is a non-physical item
  • If both are added to cart, and if/then the physical item is removed, the form will persistently show "shipping address" instead of just "billing address".
  • The customer is allowed to checkout, but the experience is horrible, as the checkout page (which is uneditable) indicates that the non-physical item will be shipped to the address provided.
  • Please fix.

Hi @WildPrairie,

You can disable the shipping requirement for digital products using Bulk Editor.

Here, you can add the field for 'Requires shipping', then make sure all of your digital products have this checkbox unchecked. Then just click 'Save all changes" at the top right and you should be good to go!

After making the changes, you can make sure things work properly by adding your products to the cart and proceeding to the checkout.

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