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Is it possible to offer a free digital product through the use of a 100% off discount code, but not require the customer to input their credit card info at check out? 


Scenario: A retail outlet offers a free stream of my movie as a purchase incentive. I send the retail outlet a list of bulk discount codes for 100% off the stream. When the retail customer makes a purchase, they receive (from the retail partner) a discount code (expires after one use) that they can redeem through my store. The customer receives a link to the video on the checkout confirmation page.


I want to ensure access to the free video is linked to a 1x use through a discount code, but don't want the customer to enter their personal information. Is this possible?

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Hey, there.


Dallas here from the Shopify Social are Team and I'd love to assist you as best I can.


If you're wanting your customers to use a one-time discount code they will have to go through the checkout in its entirety. That means that they'll have to add an address, however, if you mark this object as free on the product page then they won't have to add their credit card and the checkout will look like this.




If you're selling your product for profit outside of this collaboration with the retail company and you don't want regular visitors to your store to find the free version then I suggest that you have two product listings of the same item. You'd need to have one that's listed on your store at a cost and then one that's not listed on your online store. If you create that free version of your product then your customers using the discount code through the process that I listed above in the first paragraph won't have to add the credit card. Just make sure that you don't add it to any collections. If you add it to collections that are visible on your store then your customers will see the free version.


If you do opt for this option, with the two versions of the product, then make sure that your website only has custom made collections rather adding All Products to your navigation. This way regular customers visiting your store won't have access to the free item.


If you're not wanting your customers to have to add any information to your webstie then I suggest that you give out the download URL to these customers directly instead. You can generate a URL in the Digital Downloads app, by going into the downloadable item, clicking the gear icon and clicking Manage URLs. The page will then look something like this: 


I know you're afraid that your customers will download the file more than once. However, you can set it up to so that they're only able to download the link once. If you're using Digital Downloads you'd want to go to Settings > Total Limit. This will allow you to choose how many times they can download it. I will say, however, that your customers won't be using the discount codes, but this will make sure that they only get the file once.


I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but does this help to give you ideas of workarounds that you can use? If you have any more questions please let me know! 

Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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