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Hello, my name is Ebony and I'm a newbie. I have several abandoned carts due to customers not being able to purchase their items. A error message pops up saying "Some items in your cart don’t ship to your location. Contact the store for more information."...I have no idea what this means. Can someone inform me on how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

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This would indicate that a stores settings are misonfigured.

With any problem being able to reproduce the error with bare minimum steps can help you.

Go through the items and try to find which singular item & address combination(s) cause the problem

Then check:

  1. If you recently enabled multiple locations or shipping profiles then update those settings locations admin, shipping admin
  2. total product weights have no rates or exceed current shipping settings
  3. inventory locations not being setup
  4. locations have incorrect items stock.
  5. shipping rates set up correctly for the regions of business
  6. shipping rates have been set up for dropship|fulfillment apps. shipping admin > manage rates > scroll to bottom (example zendrop troubleshooting video) 
  7. shipping rate assigned to a product , or not
  8. shipping profiles for specific product(s)
  9. products inventory location(s) for conflicts with any shipping settings


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I got same problem but now already resolve by helped from shopify support by make some changes into Settings>Shipping and delivery>Shipping>Manage rates>Create shipping zone>then in here adjust your weight. Example: for me i put "2.5kg and up".

Please refer attachment.



I hope it helped