Chip & Swipe Reader No Longer Pairing with iPad after iOS update

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My iOS on my iPad did an automatic update 2 nights ago.  Ever since then, my Chip & Swipe card reader is no longer supported when I try to pair it through bluetooth.  I have the Tap & Chip reader as well that I had never even taken out of the box.  I tried to pair that one and the iPad will not even discover that one.  We have been having to manually key in credit cards, which I do not like because it does not require a customer signature.  I called Apple first because the problem arose after their update.  They were ZERO help.  They said that it was a Shopify issue.  I argued.  They said it was because their system updated but likely my Shopify hardware wasn't up-to-date now with their update.  So, I called Shopify and they were ZERO help as well.  The man I spoke to said he had to escalate my case to someone else who would then be in contact with me via email.  I have still not been contacted.  We have done all the restarts and resets, etc. that are typical with malfunctions and nothing is working.  I can't check for an update on the card reader because when it wouldn't connect, I deleted it from my POS thinking I could just repair it and get it to work.  WRONG!  Now, I can't even pair it and that is the whole issue.  Has anyone else had this issue or can anyone help.  We are in our busy season right now and I NEED a card reader.  I even ordered a new Chip & Swipe just to test out a new one.  It likely won't be here until next week.