Clothing in a Box

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Dear Community,


Anyone who have any experience in building a Shopify store with Basic clothing in a Box on subscription? I have looked into very many different Shopify Apps, but have not been able to find a solution which can support below salesmodel.


1. Four different Plans (3-6 clothing styles in fixed colours)

2. Customer to pick a plan

3. Customer choose what sizes they are using for the 3-6 different clothing styles

4. Customer will choose how often they would like to receive the box with the 3-6 different clothing styles (Monthly, Bi-monthly, Every 3rd month or every half year)

5. Customer billing accordantly to the choice of how offen they will receive the Basic clothing in a box

6. Customer can delete, pause there subscription.


Is there any Shopify Apps or a combination of Apps which can support this, maybe in combination with Shopify Partner consulting/development?


Hope somebody can help, thank you for the great Community and hope everyone will enjoy the day.