Collecting Credit Card info through manual payments

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Good Afternoon,


I am building a website for a wholesaling company. They already have a website set up, but they are not actually doing transactions in the e-commerce store. They use as a payment gateway and have customers choose to pay with the cc info they already have on file, or they somehow do a refund to capture the new cc info if they don't have it on file. Then they manually give this info to their payment processor. They do this so they can charge TBD shipping, since they have their own warehouse and shipping operation set up. I told them that this is very time consuming and wanted them to transfer over to one system, but they are scared to work with just one merchant (they are set in stone on this) and they want to keep the TBD shipping.


So, I was wondering if there is any way to keep this system intact with manual payments?

Would they be able to collect cc info through a manual payment setup and keep their traditional system? I saw that you can capture payment manually during the auth. period, but would this show all the cc info, so they could then manually enter it into their payment processor?


If this isn't possible, could they connect to shopify to collect the cc info, but not actually charge the order through, since that’s not their merchant? They just use as a secure gateway like they are doing now. If they use in this capacity, would they get charged the 3rd party processing fees, since they are technically not processing through them?


IF that's possible, could they have two payment options? The proposed one, and a manual payment option that allows them to agree to use their existing cc info that they have on file?

They send out invoices and all other order details with their accounting software, so they only need the Shopify website to showcase their products and to place orders, not actually make transactions.


I am aware this is a very confusing situation and I tried to convince them to upgrade to one system, but they have their flow going and want to move slowly, a new website is a big step for them already. My goal to get them on Shopify to help them grow their online presence, hoping that once they are comfortable with it they will upgrade to one payment system like Shopify offers.


So, one more time: they want to be able to securely collect cc info in order to manually enter it into their payment processor outside of Shopify without getting 3rd party processing fees. They are currently using cc info for existing accounts, which is securely held in their accounting software and are somehow doing a refund to capture cc info for new customers or new cc info.


If I could get some help on this ASAP, that'd be great. I appreciate it.

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Hi there! I have a similar issue! 
Would love to hear from a Shopify Expert or Shopify staff.

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Same here we have a system outside of Shopify to process credit card payments. How can we capture CC details with the manual payment method.

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We would like to find out if this is possible too!!!!

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Based on my research prior to launching our Shopify store, it is NOT possible to save credit card information through manual orders. Only the customer is allowed to store their payment information when you use Shopify payments only. In order to maintain PCI compliance, Shopify does not allow merchants to store customer credit card information to process manual orders.