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I see in dynamic collections we can use OR or AND logic to decide what the collection consists of.
So for example, I can tell it to use title contains "men" AND type is tshirt, which will return all tshirts with men in title.
(If I use the OR, it returns all the tshirts, and any product with men in title, which is of course not what I want.)

BUT WHAT IF I want all product that says "men" AND (type is tshirt OR type is sweater)
So I return all sweaters and tshirts that are mens.

Can I do this?

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You can't mix the AND or OR rules.

Is your use case a real one? If so, is there a tag that you could apply to both of those product types (eg: "tops")? 

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Hey Coral!

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Jason is correct in that you can't use both AND/OR statements at the same time while building an automatic collection. He's also right in saying that adding a common tag to the products is one of the easiest ways to accomplish what you're looking to do.

Depending on your specific products, using the "all conditions" option you could also use the NOT rules to exclude anything that gets pulled in that you don't want. For example using a condition like "Does not contain" with "Kids" in the title, but keeping the condition of including "T-shirts" as a tag. There are some examples of different ways to use automatic collections on this page here.

I also wanted to mention that if you have a lot of products where you're wanting to apply a new tag, a quick way to get that done would be by using the Bulk Editor. Theres more info on how that works in this Help Doc.

Does that help? If you have any other questions about it let me know. You can give us a call too or start a live chat at any time. We're here 24/7 and are always happy to help out!

Thank you, :)

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I have the same need, here is a concrete example (yes the tagging is a work around, but criteria logic is the proper way of meeting the following requirement). We have a collection (toy store) where we want to show all wood toys that are in stock: currently we have two conditions (OR): 1- All products of vendor A OR 2- All products of tag B (vendor A makes only wood products, so I dont want to tag all 100's of products with wood and tag B is a wood tag from other vendors that make some wood products). I also wanted to add a condition to show only in stock products: so I'd need to add a 3rd condition: inventory stock greater than 0. But I cannot have (1 OR 2) AND 3 ... bulk editing to tag is a work around not a solution ... my 2 cents