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Hi folks,


I want to create sale collections such as 10%, 25%, 50% off. I was wondering if there is a way to create smart collections based on a condition that looks at the compared price and looks for the % off, but couldn't find this option in collections conditions. 


Is this possible, and if not, are there alternatives to create this?  


Thanks for your help! 

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Hey @TheSaroSnake 


Ava here from Shopify.


I'm afraid that is not possible at the moment, as the compare at price would need to be a figure entered manually rather than setting a percentage off the original price. As a workaround, you could tag a product with the percentage instead? You could do this in bulk with the bulk editor in the admin:


If you added the percentages as tags to the products, you could create an automatic collection based on the tags instead




Would that work for you as a workaround? 


I can also bring this to the attention of our development team as a possible feature of the platform in the future. I can definitely see the benefits of entering a percentage in the admin rather than doing the calculations first and then entering a figure. I'm sure this would be an advantage for lots of different merchants in their daily workflow! While we would not have a specific timeline for how long the request would take to be reviewed and/if it would be implemented, you can definitely keep an eye on our announcements page. We will post any new updates or developments there.


Let me know what you think of that workaround!




Ava | Social Care @ Shopify
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I need this feature too. My products are linked to amazon and I do not control the product prices and I need a collection condition based on percent discount. I hope Shopify will consider adding this functionality soon.
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I been looking into this as well and I think your going to have to do it on the excel file. Maybe search only the items with a compare at price, export it, enter some kind of formula to show what the percentages are, and then add a tag? This way you can make collections based off the tag, ie 20%, 25%, etc... If I come up with anything Ill leave an update.