Collection by product type excluding products on sale

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I need to make a new collection including a specific product type but excluding products on sale. 

There are any way to do this?


Thanks Cristian
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Hello Viking, Brandon here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

There isn't a way to create a collection condition that will exclude products based on the Product Tag, but you could make it so that your products that are not on sale have a tag like 'nosale' and then when you create the collection you would set up two conditions. One would be for the Product Type that you want, and the other would be for the Product Tag 'nosale'. This will make it so only products of that type with that tag are in the collection, which would not allow the on sale products to be added in.

This is under the assumption that you have your products that are on sale tagged with something. There isn't a way to differentiate which products are on sale or not within the collection conditions without there being a tag for that.

If you need help on how to get that all set up just reach out to us on phone/email/chat so we can take a look into your store directly :)

Hope that helps!

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This is what really frustrates me about Shopify. I've just Googled this and there are queries about this going back years and still no easy solution.

Isn't this rather basic? As a store owner I'd like to reach out to customers who haven't ordered for a while and entice them with a discount code but I don't want them using it on existing SALE products. Yet aside from going through my store and either selecting every single product or setting the 'compare at price is equal to 0' there's no simple way of doing this.

Why for instance isn't it possible to just set the 'compare at price is equal to' condition to 'blank' instead because all SALE items will surely have an actual number in that field?

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Hello! We just developed an app for creating collections from smart collections while excluding tags -


So you can exclude any products tagged 'sale' from the collection. Hope this helps! It auto syncs so you don't have to worry when you update or create new products. Please try it out and let us know your feedback!

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yeah beyond frustrating something as simple as "exclude tag" has to be a paid app to get. 

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