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Dear all,


I am absolutely breaking my head over this.

On my website I use the Booster v2.2.1 .

If I check the 'Show Collection Image' checkbox in the Collections section, the description turns black.

This means that there is absolutely no way to read the text over the dark pictures I use for my collections.


How it is now (masked some tabs and names for idea-protection):


is now.png


This is how I want it to be:


to be.png


In the theme code I have found the .over_image_content and rte collection-description things, but they don't seem to mention a colour anywhere. Even in the settings_schema.json I have found both settings, but they refer to #FFFFFF which should be white but it freaking isn't... :


code is now.png


I am able to edit the colour in the Code Inspector (obviously) and noticed that changing the colour also changes the colour of text in the footer.


What I would love to know:

1. How can I give the Collection Description it's own specific colour (so that it doesn't change the footer)?

2. How/Where can I then refer to that colour, making only the Collection Descriptions on my website turn white?


Thank you sooo much in advance!!


Kindest regards,




Hello @CPJB,

Please add below code in theme.scss file

.rte.collection-description p{color:#fff;}

If it won't work then please share your site url

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