Collection page filter: un-clicking filter option does not clear filter

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I'm hoping someone can help. I have two things I'd like to fix.


1. Within a collection page, which shows all the products within that collection, you can filter the products shown using the side bar filter. If for example I click colour options blue and then green, it shows my products that are blue and green. However, if I un-click blue. This does not change the products shown, as the filter stays within the "current filters" at the top. Even though the box is no longer ticked. The same happens for size etc. Image example below. This seems like really clunky UX and I cannot find any way to change this behaviour.


2. I have one other thing. I created "ALL" as an automatic collection, but I can't get this to show in the collection page side bar filter. Is this done on purpose by Shopify? Can I fix this?


 Collection page filter issue.png