Collections, Types or Tags?

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Hi I am looking at making up an e-commerce site for clothing but need to do some tricky taxonomies.

There are 5 Main Categories that I was going to set up as collections - these are things like School Uniforms, Sporting Equipment, Corporate, Trade etc

I also need to make a taxonomy for each brand/company that would slot in underneath one of these e.g (Panthers Soccer Team would go under the Sporting Equipment category) - I was going to set these up as collections as well.

The last taxonomy would be things like Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Hats etc - Was going to set these up as tags.

Just trying to figure out the best way to do this and if I am on the right track - I noticed a feature called "Type" when adding a product and starting thinking that perhaps the 5 Main categories would actually be a Type as opposed to a collection but not 100% sure.

Also can't seem to be able to find out how to nest a collection underneath another collection - I take it shopify collections do not work like this? Have been reading through the documentation around this but it would be great to get some opinions on the best approach for this.



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Hello Chris, Ben here - your Shopify Guru! 

 There is no one way to organize your products and collections but you do have options when creating your products. 

What I would do in your case is start by setting up your products to have the Product Type as
Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Hats etc 

You can use either the Vendor or Tags options for the brands/companys personally I would lean towards using both tags for the brand/company.
Ex: Panthers Soccer Team

Then you can set up yorur main collections as:
School Uniforms, Sporting Equipment, Corporate, Trade etc

There is no such thing as nested colletions each grouping of products is a seprate collection. However most themes can filter a collection by product tag. Giving you something silimar to a nested collection. Think of it this way, if you had the collection Uniforms and wanted to see all the Panthers Soccer Team items. You could click on the product tag and have it filter out product just with that tag on the front of your website. 

To see this behavoir you can click here to see a demo of one of the themes that filters collections like this. 


I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions :)

Ben C - Shopify Guru

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Hey Ben that helps heaps.

One thing I should mention is that for this particular website we don't want people to be able to view the brands/companies when they view a collection.

The idea is that we would send a URL of a particular brand to customers as opposed to having them come to the website and browse all the goods.

E.g Send a URL to the Panthers Soccer Team to all the players so that they can buy their uniforms.

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Hey Chris,

I'm not a Spotify Guru, but hopefully I can help.

My suggestion would be to assign all the "Panthers Soccer Team" products to a "Panthers Soccer Team" Vendor. You can then use generic product Tags to allow the customer to filter by product type (eg. T-Shirts, Shorts, etc).

Create an automatic collection based on all products having the vendor "Panthers Soccer Team". 

This will collate all the Panthers products together and allow you to give your customer a link to view all products (