Combine an automatic BOGO with a discount code?

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Is there a way to run a BOGO and allow our preferred members to use a discount code to receive an extra 10% off ? I've been researching this topic and it appears that Shopify does not support discount stacking. I know you can't add two discount codes at checkout...but can you combine an automatic BOGO with a discount code? Our members always get 10% off...and it seems strange that they wouldn't be able to use their promo code during the BOGO event. 

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App Selly can help you to offer BOGO:

There is an option to enable discount box in cart, so customers can apply additional discount code together with other Selly automatic discounts.

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I have the same problem. Our members get 10% off beer using their discount code. Which means they can't enjoy any other discounts or offers without sacrificing their 10% off. There must be away to reward loyal customers and 'here for the deal' customers at the same time.