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hi trying to link shopify to Contrado but been told can only sell through shopify - so how do I add the p&p/combine p&p for customers buying more than one item????

sorry new it all this :-)


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Did you ever get an answer to this? We're having similar issue, have linked the accounts via the app but when trying to organise the shipping theres no option for Contrado in the shipping from section, other fvideos using printful seem to have the ability to set it up but nothing for contrado.

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It has been a very long time so apologies if this was answered in the meantime (we are now looking at the Shopify Community). You can get in touch with our dedicated team here at but here is the answer if you are based in the UK when it comes to shipping pricing generally or how to set up your pricing profiles here 

And if you are based in the US generall advice when it comes to shipping and same table for more detailed pricing profile info 

Do howerver email us if you still need help - or wish to restart the process as we updated our app recently and will continue doing so to make it better and better and reflect the quality of the products we manufacture for you.

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