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Hi guys, we have just been advised that our Shopify plan will be jumping from $79 USD to $299 USD and we are unable to speak to a human regarding the change and how it will affect our business.  The only feature we need/use from the advanced shopify is the ability to return products, which I think 90% of businesses would do on a regular basis.  At $299 USD unfortunately we are looking at other options as this is not sustainable for our business.  When we joined Shopify originally it was the 24/7 support which got us over the line, yet it seems this no longer exists. begrudgingly I have made enquiries with another provider who does offer 24/7 phone support.  Disappointed that such a monumental price hike took place mid way through a pandemic....I don't expect them to answer me straight away but I cannot even email a question to get a response?  If anyone has any suggestions by all means send them in as some communication, good or bad is better than none, which sadly is what we are getting from Shopify at present