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I would like your help about " compare price ". Due to many days ago I have a problem with google merchant which on my page have compare price but on content api do not update yet. So, I don't know about content api, then I solve this problem by delete all compare price. However, I open the store almost 1 year but never got a problem like this. Can any help me about this problem please. Because I still need compare price on all my product which is very important that customer will purchase orders 

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There are over 100 different apps, each works differently. Not all apps or services are equal in how the setup is done.

Best to ask support of the app you are using.

Generally, when you submit a shopify compare price, you can set this as the price field in Google Merchant Center, and the shopify price field as the sale price field in Google Merchant Center.

Pretty much all apps should in theory automatically do this. If its not contact support.

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