Competitor Price Tracking for Shopify Users?

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E-Commerce is huge and the competition is really harsh especially in price wars. As online shoppers have an immense variety in the online market and have great ability to find the best deals, they don’t hesitate even a second to prefer one of your competitors.

Also, the majority of them consider pricing as the very first criteria affecting their buying decision. So, under these conditions, I would like to learn Shopify owners' thoughts towards this topic. How do you define your e-commerce pricing strategy? Are you focusing on competitor price tracking? Do you change your prices according to the price change of competitors? How do you track your competitors' prices? Manually? Or, using a software?

I know there are some handy apps that provide that service but really eager to hear your feedback as well.


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Hi Mertgencler,

Kevin founder of PriceMole here. In today’s competitive eCommerce environment prices and stock levels change all the time.  For people with larger inventories, repricing and tracking can become a full time job.  We designed PriceMole to automate not only your competitor tracking, but also repricing your products based on your Price Strategy.   PriceMole will track all your competitors in real time and when the prices change we’ll update your price according to your strategy.  


Here’s just a few ways you can use PriceMole:

Want to always have the best price on the market? 

Simply set your price strategy to be $0.01 less than your competitors cheapest in-stock product. 


Drop-shipping from amazon or another supplier? 

Set your price to be $5 more than your suppliers price.  When your supplier goes out of stock your product can be made out of stock automatically.  Never undersell a product again!


Want to stay competitive, but also increase margins?  

Set your price strategy to match the average market price, but never below your product cost.


Want to track your competitors but not interested in automating your prices? 

Get realtime notifications , lookup historical price trends and get insights into your competitors to help you come out on top!


Have lots of products and competitors to track?  Not sure who your biggest competitors are?
Ask about our discovery service and have our team find out and setup the tracking for you!  Custom plans are available, our large catalogue customers automate their entire store with PriceMole (5000+ products).


Looking to give PriceMole a try? Try our free plan and use it for as long as you’d like to track and automate up to 5 of your products, no credit card required

As always, Happy to answer any questions you may have about PriceMole.

P.S. Here’s 10 x $30 Credit for the next 10 users who wants to try one of our Paid Plans.  Limit 1 per store, first come first serve!  (use code FIRST10GET30)

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Hi @mertgencler,

I'm glad to see that you are looking for a Price Tracking & Automated Repricing app for Shopify.

I can help you if you want to know how to find or track your competitors and if you want to automate your price changes.

Please reach out to and I'd be happy to help you.

I'll be waiting for your response.

Stay healthy and be safe!