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I'm new so I wanted to find out about Shopify's requirements for logo size.  I went to the help section and searched for this. Instead of bringing up that exact info. it brought up info. on Hatchful instead of simply answering the question. So I tried Hatchful going through the various options and designs for at least 90 minutes. I HATED every one of these common, generic logo designs.

I'd planned to sell high-end fine jewelry so I wanted something beautiful, elegant, and distinctive to reflect this. I decided to have a custom-designed logo. But I still needed the dimensions for the logo for the graphic designer. I searched again for answers in the Shopify Help Center. I did find the favicon sizes that I also needed quickly and easily. WHY WASN'T IT JUST AS EASY TO FIND THE SAME INFO FOR LOGO SIZES?

Finally, I called a Shopify Advisor. She sent me a long blog article on logo designs but it didn't give either an approximate or exact size for the logo.  I spoke via chat later with another advisor but she had the info. only on favicons and didn't seem to know the difference between logos and favicons. I specifically told her that I NEEDED LOGO dimensions!!!!!!!!! Finally, I called again and the third advisor gave me the correct info. which I passed on to my designer. She designed a fabulous logo and favicon for me!!!!

My complaints are firstly about not finding the correct info. easily and quickly in the Shopify help center, because apparently, Shopify is so eager to push their own Hatchful service on people they can't even give a simple answer to a simple question. Secondly, the ridiculous amount of time wasted talking to these advisors except the 3rd one.  And lastly, the lousy, unimpressive logos that Hatchful generated even though it advertises as designing beautiful, logos.

Generally, I've found Shopify and their advisors to be great to deal with but these issues (and some others that I didn't mention) on a different topic really aggravated me!!!!!!! Starting a new business especially when you're alone is stressful enough; I really don't need any more hassles.

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