Complex situation for private, quantity limited sale. Any app integration or execution ideas?

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One of our Shopify stores is meant to be a B2B private sale site (we're talking about 20K potential customers), and I'm having trouble how to make things work. I'm hoping to crowdsource other smart brains in this forum and the awesome Shopify support team for ideas and integration.

The desired outcome is to limit ONE transaction per user at a capped cart amount.

The current flow basically involves:

  1. User opts-in from a website form (Using Gravity Forms/Wordpress). The form validates the email domain which we've set to restrict sign-ups to specific domains only (blocks free mails, non-corporate mails, etc.)
  2. Once validated, the opt-in information get sent to Mailchimp list.
  3. Once double-opted in, the Shopify COUPON CARRIER app triggers a unique coupon code assigned as a merge tag and Mailchimp's Automation sequence sends that user a unique code.
  4. When they receive the code, they can now shop in the Shopify store as normal.
  5. The store shows regular prices only, only when they enter the unique coupon code will they avail their discount.
  6. The total cart value is being validated by ORDER LIMITS by MaxMinify app in Shopify to make sure the cart amount doesn't exceed a pre-determined amount.

The one-time, single-use coupon ensures they can't buy more than what they're allocated for because the code is tied to their emails. They can't just create a new corporate email address to get a second code.

Our main problem right now is between Sequence 2 and 3 as many corporate servers are blocking the automation email from going through and reaching the subscriber's inbox. They're not receiving this one-time coupon.

I'm hoping that maybe there's a way to bypass the one-time coupon, automated sending approach by:

  • Forced account creation in Shopify and auto-group customers in Shopify based on domain.
  • The said user group will automatically receive a pre-determined discount rate

In this case, the aforementioned ORDER LIMITS app will still restrict the max cart value, and an app like Bold Customer Pricing app can do the grouping and special prices.

However, there's no way for us to stop them from purchasing the second time with this set-up.

I'm hoping that there's a way to force account sign-up and limit one purchase per registered account (with an option to reset).

Thank you so much, we're open to custom apps if this can be solved quickly.


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Hi David,

Really complex setup here. Don't know any other way to limit one purchase per account besides using a coupon for discount.

If you want to make sure your clients receive their coupon, you can additionally send them a text message (sms) containing discount code. We can build an automation for that.

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Unfortunately, due to corporate security and confidentiality issues, we aren't allowed to contact them directly.