Compulsory question at checkout?

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I am creating a store, which works in a similar way to It will be a raffle/competition style prize draw store, but will need to have a multiple choice question, with a correct answer just before payment is made. Is there a way to do this? 


Thanks so much to anyone that helps!

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Hii Alex,

That is a very good question! I also find it very interesting as I have never seen a store with this concept before, and I think it’s brilliant and fun! First of all, I’d like to lay out the fact that editing the checkout page is not possible, since the Shopify checkout page is a secured, PCI compliant page. The good news is, if you are planning on having this ‘game’ before the checkout page, I do believe that this is possible and will require some advanced coding.

I am not an expert in coding, but I came up with a way to make this possible. You could disable the ‘Checkout’ button on your cart page, and enable it if your customers answer correctly. This method could work if you are planning on having a simple game like multiple choice question or other similar ‘quiz’ style game. If you’d like more information about how to implement this, I recommend reaching out to a Shopify Expert, or hopefully, our lovely Huptechweb experts here can provide more insights on how to accomplish this.

Let me know if this helps. Feel free to reply back to this thread we’ll happily help!

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