Conditions for "Buy X get Y" discount

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I'm trying to create a discount that seems fairly simple, but Shopify doesn't have the options to create the conditions I want. I've searched around for other apps but am having a hard time finding one that does what I want. One that seemed to have the right options was Discount Ninja, however it had a lot of bugs and ended up not being usable for my store.


We sell beer from a craft brewery, and I want to offer a 20% discount on merch (hats, shirts etc) when a customer purchases beer. At first glance it looks like the "Buy X get Y" option in the built-in Shopify discounts could manage this, but it requires me to set a specific quantity for the "Y" option - so if I set it to 1, the customer would only get the 20% off 1 merch item. If I set it higher, it then requires the customer to buy that amount of merch items. I want just a blanket 20% off all "merch" category when the customer also buys an item from the "Beer" category. 


Anyone know an app or workaround that will achieve this?

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This is an accepted solution.



App Selly has an up-sell feature that can help you to do that:

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