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I'm setting up my Shopify shop from Colombia with my Florida based business LLC details. Shipping of my product is from Colombia but not being using my internet in the U.S. is creating some troubles like not being able to open a Paypal business account with the US address when being presently located in Colombia. Also when I try to make a payment the Shopify checkout is calculating an $8 tax for a $48 dollar product, very excesive. So I try to delete the Colombian shipping location but I can't do that either; I can't delete it or change it for the Florida location either. 


So I'm:

Confused with the tax amount when invoicing from Florida and just getting a Colombian company to ship to the US.

Confused about creating the Paypal account. The same problem did not happen with Amazon Pay or Shopify Pay.

Confused about not being able to delete or change the "shipping from" location to get rid of the Colombian address to see if that's confusing the tax amount.


If you can help me I really appreciate it.


Thank you, Ilan Osz