Confusion as to how my payment information was auto-filled while purchasing from an online store?

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Hi there,

I'm really confused about something and would like some clarification.

I tried ordering online from an online store as a first-time customer today, the store is powered by Shopify. It is a small business.

At the checkout page, it asked me to fill in my email address and mobile phone number (as the first thing on the page). 

I did just that. Immediately afterwards, I was sent a verification code to my mobile phone, and at the same time, a small screen popped up on the checkout page asking me to enter in the verification code. I was under the impression that I was merely verifying my email address and phone number so I entered in the code.

As soon as I did that, all of my payment information including my credit card information, address and name was pre-filled automatically. 

I am surprised because:

1) I don't have a pre-existing Shop Pay account

2) I was never asked whether I was happy to join Shop Pay

3) My Google Chrome browser does not store any of my payment information (I have double checked this under Settings)

4) In the past, I have only ever ordered from large, reputable online stores (however this particular store I'm ordering from now is a small business)

5) While browsing the site, the online store didn't ask me to accept any cookie agreements

So my question is, how was it able to pre-fill all my payment information, address and name? The pre-fill was done AFTER I entered in my email address, phone number and subsequently the 6 digit verification code that I received, onto their checkout page.

Thank you in advance.

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The flow you're talking about with the 6 digit code is Shop Pay. 

If you do want to opt out this page might help:


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Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm confused because I don't recall signing up with Shop Pay? How did they auto-fill my payment details? Thanks