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Hello Shopify! 

I got a problem connecting my Facebook page from Shopify. I have seen others having the same problem... But i can't seem to solve it myself.

We did the rookie mistake, letting our old intern make the FB page and now she is not a part of the company anymore. We tried contacting here and let her see if she could connect, but no luck there. 


Any help out there. We have tried everything so far. Would be much appreciated if any one could help us out!


Marc J. Petersen  


Hi @marcNJP,


From what I see in the error, it looks like you don't have admin rights to the page or your Business Manager. If you're an admin or the owner of the Business Manager go to 'Business Settings' and set yourself as an admin of the Facebook business page.  If you're not an admin in the Business Manager, find the person who is and make sure he makes you as an admin.


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@marcNJP may i help you out to solve your problem do you want to connect Facebook with your site right? give me chance to do it for you thank you.